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Two-seater hunting "Wurst” carriage of Emperor Franz I.

after 1823 (probably 1827) , Production: Hofsattlerei



Two-seater hunting "Wurst” carriage of Emperor Franz I.

"Wurst" ("Sausage") is the designation originally given to carriages used for hunting which were equipped with a long weapons and material box parallel to the longitudinal axis. This box was covered with cushions and at the same time served as a bench for the hunters to sit on astride or back to back. This type of carriage was particularly popular during the "Biedermeier" period (c. 1815-1848) and had its name bestowed upon it because of its sausage-like appearance. In this leisure vehicle for two passengers, which is also one of the state carriages, the "sausage" can still only be recognised in parts. (MKR)

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after 1823 (probably 1827)


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