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Iron Men

Fashion in Steel
29 March 2022 to
26 June 2022
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In 80 Coins around the World

26 April 2022 to
23 June 2023
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Point of View #25

The Salvator Mundi in Vienna – Titian’s Christ with the Globe in a New Light
25 February 2022 to
16 October 2022
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Fashion Steel
29 March – 26 June 2022

In 80 Münzen um die Welt

Diese Ausstellung präsentiert historische Persönlichkeiten – oder vielmehr den Inhalt ihrer Geldbörsen. Erkunden Sie die Ausstellung mit unseren Kurator*innen oder Kunstvermittler*innen und werfen Sie einen Blick auf die Website zur Ausstellung.


Am 5. Juni treffen drei Hauptvertreter der Musikkultur des Wiener Biedermeier bei einem Konzert in der Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente aufeinander: André Stein, Franz Schubert und das Kunstlied – jetzt Ticket kaufen! Suchen Sie noch nach einem Ferienprogramm für Ihre Kinder? Entdecken Sie unsere Sommerakademie 2022!

Jetzt online entdecken!

In der neuen Folge unserer Videoserie #MyMuseumMoment erzählt Grafikerin Nina Fuchs wie spannend es sein kann, das Museum durch Kinderaugen zu entdecken. Eine neue Kurzgeschichte befasst sich mit Größendiversität.

The digital Museum

We are now offering a new virtual 3D tour via the Discover Culture digital platform under the title The Imperial Titian Collection. Use our Online Collection to discover more of the museum's treasures.

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Teddy Bear: Fashion

Knight Freydal blue

Radziwill Armour

From the Museum shop

Surprise yourself or your loved ones with highlights from our range. Much more beautiful products you can also discover directly in our online shop.

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New App-Tour

Change of Perspective – How diverse is the museum?

We explore this question in the latest tour of our free app KHM Stories. Take a look beneath the shiny surface of imperial splendour and discover entirely new facets of our collections. In the process, you can get active yourself by finding alternatives to discriminatory language, rediscovering forgotten female artists or going in search of commonalities between different cultures. Join in, because diverse visitors are the prerequisite for a diverse museum!

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A tour through the museum

Our new app tour "A Snowball's Chance?!” follows the tracks of climate crisis and is now available for kids and adults, so visitors of different age can get to know the museum and learn new things. Here you can discover further offers for families.

Support us!

Become an art patron and help us to preserve, restore and research your favourite artworks in the museum!

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Nautilus shell, 16th century

Tournament book Maximilian I, 1459-1519

Ushabti, Ancient Egyptian, 1372-1355 B.C.

Bruegel –
Once in a lifetime

In 2018, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna hosted an unprecedented event: around half of all extant works by Pieter Bruegel the Elder were on show in the exhibition Bruegel – Once in a Lifetime. This amazing gathering of masterpieces was a small miracle – which you can enjoy during a digital visit.

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The corona crises continues to cause significant financial damage to the museum. Due to the closures and the decline in tourism, we are now facing severe economic challenges. You can help us to cope with this situation with a donation or the purchase of an Annual Ticket.

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