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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.


For how long is my ticket valid?

Admission tickets are valid indefinitely from the date of purchase. Visitors are free to decide when they wish to visit the museum. Similarly, so-called combi-tickets are valid at the entrance until their date of expiry, and can be used on different days. However, please be sure to make a note of the museum’s opening hours.

For how long is my combi-ticket valid?

Comb-tickets are valid at the entrance until their date of expiry, and can be used on different days. However, please be sure to make note of the museum’s opening hours.

Do I require a timeslot for my ticket?

There is currently no requirement to book a timeslot for admission tickets. You are welcome to visit us at any time during our opening hours.

Tickets issued for art-education programmes or other events may be allocated a timeslot. You may select the date and time when purchasing your ticket.

Who is eligible for concessions?

Students under 25 years of age who hold a valid student ID, pensioners aged 65 or over who hold a valid pensioner ID (regardless of nationality), persons with reduced mobility and their companions as well as the unemployed are entitled to reduced entrance fees.

Guests with a so-called “Kulturpass” (Cultural Pass) and the ICOM Card may be admitted free of charge. Additional reductions can be found on our website under “Visit”.

Do I also need an online ticket as a child/youth under nineteen years of age?

Children and young people under the age of nineteen (namely, guests who have yet to celebrate their nineteenth birthday) are admitted free of charge to the Federal Museums. When booking tickets online, visitors are not required to book a ticket for children and young people under the age of nineteen. These will be registered at the entrance when showing a valid student ID.

Are there group concessions and how should I register my group?

The admission price is paid according to entitlement to reduced rates. Free registration is required for groups of ten or more persons. The maximum size of a group is 25 persons! For reservation enquiries, contact our team at

Our art and cultural education team would also be glad to prepare special guided tours for your groups. For this, please contact

Is it possible to cancel my ticket?

The purchase price of your ticket may be refunded under conditions set out in the so-called Fern- und Auswärtsgeschäfte-Gesetz (FAGG) [Distance Selling Act]:

  • The ticket is neither time-limited nor personalised, and has been purchased online within the previous fourteen days.


  • The event was annulled.

For this purpose, please see our refund form at

Opening Hours

Is the museum open today?

Tuesday – Sunday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. 
Thursday, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. 
Open daily from June! 

Until when are tickets valid?

Tickets are valid indefinitely.

7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket)

What are the advantages to the 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket)?

The 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) is a ticket for unlimited museum visits over a 365-day period from the date of purchase. It entitles holders to visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Neue Hofburg – Weltmuseum Wien, Imperial Armoury, Collection of Historic Musical Instruments, Imperial Treasury Vienna, Imperial Carriage Museum, the Theatermuseum and Ambras Castle Innsbruck. Furthermore, holders of the 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) enjoy a 50 per cent reduction on audio guides and a ten per cent reduction in the shop (with the exception of price-linked books and reduced items).

The 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) is available online as a digital 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket), which holders may have to hand on their smartphone, and at all times. The analogue version is available for purchase at the ticket office.

Are students and senior citizens eligible for concessions for the 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket)?

The young 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) is available at €27 for all guests aged between nineteen and twenty-five. Senior citizens may purchase the standard 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) at a cost of €53.

May I also acquire the 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) for other persons?

The 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) is also available in the form of a gift voucher. This is available for purchase either on site or online. When purchasing online, you have the option to select delivery either in PDF form – also ideal for those making last-minute decisions – or postal delivery. 

What does the Family 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) cover and for whom is it valid?

The Family 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) is available for two adults and children. The family 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) may also be used separately, but is only available for purchase for children and youth under the age of nineteen. The Ticket includes reductions for children- and family events as well as reduced prices for refreshments in the café, located in the Cupola Hall of the Kunsthistorisches Museum and in the café, located in the Hall of Columns of the Neue Hofburg.

The Family 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) is valid for all forms of families and, naturally, for all generations.

Which locations are accessible with the 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket)?

From which date is the 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) valid?

The 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket)s Annual Ticket is valid for one year upon activation and personalisation at the ticket office. 

I have lost my 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket) or it was stolen. What can I do about it?

Should you have lost your 7 Museums Pass (Annual Ticket), please go to the information desk at the Kunsthistorisches Museum and request a free duplicate.


How does one obtain a pass as journalist?

Journalists are admitted free of charge to all exhibitions and locations of the KHM Museumsverband provided that the visit comprises part of their professional assignments. Accreditation at our press department is essential! Accreditations by email:

Barrier-free Accessibility

Is the museum barrier-free?

All are welcome to visit the KHM Museumsverband collections! We are currently in the process of making the museum a barrier-free and inclusive venue for social participation for one and all.

The barrier-free access to the museum is located on the Ring (Burgring 5). One of the museum’s staff will greet you and accompany you into the building. From here, all collections, restrooms, event rooms, the shop and the café are accessible via two elevators.

Service animals may be brought along.

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Are wheelchairs or folding chairs available for me to use?

To reserve a wheelchair please contact us at 

General Questions

What is the duration of a museum visit?

The duration of museum visits varies from house to house and according to your interests, from half an hour to an entire day. 

Is there a cloakroom available for my luggage?

Luggage, backpacks and umbrellas may be deposited in the cloakroom or stowed in lockers throughout your visit to the museum. 

Is photography permitted inside the museum?

Photographing and filming is permitted without flash and tripod, and for private use and non-commercial purposes only. In the case of works of art, please note that they are designated to prevent photographing. 

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