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„Huge museum with so much to see. The Egyptian collection is super cool. The interior of the museum is even prettier than the Opera House.“

(Tripadvisor June 2024)


„Must do when in Vienna“

(Tripadvisor June 2024)

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Only in Vienna
A must-see during your Vienna visit

One of the world’s leading museums, its rich holdings comprise objects from five millennia, from Ancient Egypt to the late eighteenth century.

The Picture Gallery is home to works by great masters from Dürer to Raphael, Titan and Tintoretto, Rubens and Velázquez, to Rembrandt and Vermeer.

Of particular interest is the world’s largest collection of works by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, which includes such famous paintings as The Tower of Babel, Peasant Wedding, and Hunters in the Snow.

Section 1: Bruegel

Best of Bruegel – the world's largest collection in Vienna - 12 masterpieces united

The Tower
of Babel

Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Dated 1563
Picture Gallery, inv. 1026

Hunters in the Snow (Winter)

Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Dated 1565
Picture Gallery, inv. 1838

Peasant Wedding

Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Picture Gallery, inv. 1027

Section 2: Gemäldegalerie

The Who's Who of the Old Masters in the Picture Gallery at the Kunsthistorisches Museum

The Art of Painting

Johannes Vermeer van Delft
Picture Gallery, inv. 9128

Infanta Margarita Teresa (1651–1673) in a blue dress

Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez
Picture Gallery, inv. 2130


Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Dated 1563
Picture Gallery, inv. 1589

Section 3: Kunstkammer

Come and marvel at amazingly beautiful, curious and precious artefacts.


Benvenuto Cellini
Kunstkammer, inv. KK 881

The Kunstkammer housing Benvenuto Cellini’s celebrated Saliera is another highlight.



Ewer mad from a Seychelles Nut

Anton Schweinberger (goldsmith),
Nikolaus Pfaff (carver)
Kunstkammer, inv. KK 6872

Automaton in the form of a ship

Hans Schlottheim
Dated 1585
Kunstkammer, inv. KK 874

Section 4: Ägyptisch-Orientalische Sammlung

Or visit the Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities and the Ancient Egyptian Collection and take a journey into the past.


11th/12th Dynasty, c.2000 BCE
Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection, inv. ÄS 4211

Mummy Board and Inner Coffin of Nes-pauti-taui

21st Dynasty, before 969 BCE
Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection,
invs. ÄS 6261, ÄS 6262

Gemma Augustea

9–12 CE
Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities,
inv. IXa 79

Section 5: Architektur

The sumptuous building housing the Kunsthistorisches Museum is itself a work of art, and it and the splendid collections it houses are an invitation to explore and enjoy.

Particularly noteworthy here are Gustav Klimt's paintings in the main staircase.

Honored with the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Award 2023

A thousand masterpieces tell a thousand stories.

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