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Offering slab of Intef

12th Dynasty, ca. 1900 BC, Fundort unbekannt



Offering slab of Intef

During funerary rituals, offerings intended for the deceased were laid on an offering slab at the cult place in the tomb. Offerings are depicted on the top of the slab. Water poured into the small basin could flow out through the channel. The surrounding text is an offering formula that ends with the names of Intef and those of members of his family.

Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Raum V

Object data

Object Name

Offering table




Middle Kingdom


12th Dynasty, ca. 1900 BC




L 32 cm, B (mit Ausguß) 28,5 cm, T 7,5 cm, G 10 kg

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Ägyptisch - Orientalische Sammlung

Inv. No.

Ägyptische Sammlung, INV 98


Acquired before 1824

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