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The Annual Ticket

So Easy. To See. More.

Experience an extensive programme with impressive exhibition highlights and exciting new museum experiences in the museums and collections of the KHM Museum Association with your Annual Ticket in 2022.

The Annual Pass is the admission ticket for unlimited visits to the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, the Imperial Treasury Vienna, the Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna, Ambras Castle Innsbruck, the Weltmuseum Vienna with Imperial Armoury and Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments and the Theatre Museum 365 days a year.

Your Plus Points

  • Enjoy culture 365 days a year at 7 museums
  • Visit each museum as often as you like
  • 50% discount on audio guides and 10% off purchases at the Shop
  • Always with you as it’s also available as a digital card.

Only € 49

Look forward to the following exhibition highlights in 2022

  • Iron Men
  • In 80 Münzen um die Welt
  • Cranach der Wilde
  • Künstler im Wettstreit
  • Coronas Ahnen
  • Seidenstraßen
  • Re:present. Unlearning Racism
  • Dunkle Paarung
  • Korea
  • Oceans.Collections.Reflections
  • Verehrt… Begehrt… Theaterkult und Sammelleidenschaft
  • Verschwindet! Ich schieße… Die Theaterphotografie der Christine de Grancy
  • One World. Macht der 4 Elemente
  • Und noch vieles mehr…

The Annual Ticket at a glance

So Easy

The Annual Ticket is available 365 days a year at the ticket counters of all seven KHM museums or from the KHM Web Shop also as a print-at-home, as a digital Annual Ticket or gift voucher for the Annual Ticket. It is instantly personalised at the time of purchase or issued as a gift voucher. No photo required; valid in conjunction with any photo ID.

To See

The Annual Ticket lets you come back time and time again, on your own, with your family or as part of a group, to discover 5,000 years of art and cultural history. With the Annual Ticket it’s ‘So Easy. To See. More’ as you can visit each location as often as you like!


The Annual Ticket is your daily admission ticket to lots more amazing exhibits, lots more knowledge, and lots more insight. The Annual Ticket is your admission ticket to all the originals; it gives you access to all the collections and exhibitions at the seven locations that make up the KHM-Museumsverband, more than 20 special exhibitions a year, to Museum Shop and audio guide discounts, and lots more…

Have you ever done...?

Admission to lots of events (‘Kunstschatzi’, ‘Thank God It’s Friday’) is included in the Annual Ticket, along with discounts on many other events.

Have you ever experienced...?

Our Under-25s offer:
For the Under-25s, the Annual Ticket is available for EUR 25.

Have you ever discovered...?

Experience the variety of our locations. Explore masterpieces spanning five millennia – from Ancient Egypt to Greek Antiquity to the late 18th century as well as contemporary art.

Make a gift

Looking for a suitable gift? Well, the Annual Ticket is also available as a gift voucher. So why not make a gift of 365 days of inspiration? The voucher is also available in a print@home version for last-minute bookers.

Save money

50% discount on audio guides and 10% off purchases at the Shop (minimum purchase value EUR 10.-; excludes fixed-price books and reduced items).

Read more

Get an overview of all highlights and special exhibitions:


Adia shows us what the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna has to offer.

Dear annual ticket holders,

we would like to thank all holders of Annual Tickets for their loyalty and patience during the closure of our museums and sites. So that you will not have missed out due to the closures, the expiry dates of all Annual Tickets purchased before the onset of closures and valid beyond that date will be postponed by the duration of the closure. The extension will be automatically booked onto your Annual Ticket, so that you will not have to do anything. We are looking forward to welcoming you back to the Kunsthistorisches Museum at Maria-Theresien-Platz soon!

We gratefully acknowledge our partners

"The Annual Ticket is a fantastic idea that lets the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna appeal to everyone and not just culture-loving insiders," enthuses Bettina Glatz-Kremsner, a member of the managing board at Austrian Lotteries. "It takes away the pressure visitors put themselves under to see everything at once. It gives you the opportunity to see an exhibition several times, without having to pay again."

“Supporting the arts and cultural institutions in Austria is one of the main ways in which we demonstrate social responsibility. By selling Annual Tickets and offering a discount as an additional financial incentive, we can bring to bear the strength of our sales network as Austria’s biggest retail bank – for the benefit of the KHM and all Austrians who are interested in culture. I hope that in 2016 our sales of the annual ticket will again live up to the expectations of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.”
Byron Haynes, Chief Executive Officer of BAWAG P.S.K.

Art that’s easy to access is a prime concern of the Arbeiterkammer, the Austrian Chamber of Labour. That is why the Arbeiterkammer is helping to sponsor two new projects of the Kunsthistorisches Museum to make the international flagship museum even more accessible to young target groups; specifically, the KHM Under-25s Annual Ticket and the new KHM app. AK President Renate Anderl: ‘The Kunsthistorisches Museum is a world-class cultural institution right at the very heart of Vienna, and thanks to the attractively priced Annual Ticket we want to awaken the interest of our young colleagues and our fellow citizens in this cultural gem.’

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