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1 Tonne Gold Coin
1 Tonne Gold Coin

1 Tonne Gold Coin

The world’s largest gold coin

In 2011 Perth Mint in Australia broke the record for the world’s biggest and most valuable gold coin by minting a one tonne gold coin. The previous record for the world’s largest gold coin – 100 kg – had been held by the Royal Canadian Mint.

To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Australian Gold Nugget kangaroo series this unique special edition is now touring the world. Schoeller Münzhandel, at times the most important distributor for Perth Mint, was able to bring it to Austria. The coin measures approx. 80 centimetres in diameter and is 12 centimetres thick; its purity is 99,99 %, which means the coin is made of almost pure gold. It was designed by Dr Stuart Devlin, who was responsible for the one-kilogram-editions of the “gold kangaroos” produced for 20 years.

The obverse features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the reverse a kangaroo. The kangaroo series created by Perth Mint may be compared to Austria’s Philharmoniker – the latter has become a symbol of Austria much as the former represents Australia. However, when it was first minted in 1986 the coin’s reverse featured not a kangaroo but a gold nugget. But in 1989 this was replaced by annually-changing images of a kangaroo, the symbol of Australia. In addition to the 10 kilo coin, 1 kilo coin, 10 oz coin, 2 oz, 1 oz coin, ½ oz coin and 1/10 oz coin, Perth Mint has now created the 1 tonne version of this popular bullion coin. However, this spectacular show piece is not for sale; its face value is A$ 1 million but its gold value is much higher.

For all present and future lovers of coins and numismatics Schoeller Münzhandel offers exclusive 1 troy oz versions of the jubilee “gold kangaroo”.


21 January 2014
to 24 January 2014

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