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Stairway to Klimt

Eye to Eye with Klimt
until 2 September 2018
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The Shape of Time from 6 March 2018


11 Contemporary Interpretations of Old Masters
until 25 February 2018
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The House of Medusa

Roman Wall Paintings from Enns
An exhibition organised in collaboration with the Bundesdenkmalamt
until 8 April 2018
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Point of View #20

Girolamo da Treviso: A Dream of Classical Antiquity
until 18 March 2018
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A Guest from Flanders V

The Virgin and Child – Follower of Dieric Bouts (c. 1415–1475)
From the M – Museum Leuven, Inv.-No. S/47/B
until 30 June 2018
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In Her Majesty's Hands

Medals of Maria Theresa
until 28 April 2019
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Sharing History

Arab World – Europe | 1815 – 1918
Virtual Museum and Virtual Exhibition Read more

The First Congress of Vienna 1515

A pivotal event in the history of Central Europe. The Jagiellonians and the Habsburgs
A virtual exhibition Read more
Bruegel from 2 October 2018

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