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The Best of Bruegel – Only in Vienna

It was the most successful exhibition ever hosted by the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna: “Bruegel – Once in a Lifetime” made history. On show from October 2018 through January 2019, the world’s largest-ever exhibition of works by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c. 1525/30-1569), complete with sensational loans, presented three-quarters of the Flemish master’s extant paintings and around half of his surviving drawings and prints. Only about 40 paintings by him have come down to us, and 29 of them were displayed in Vienna.

If you missed this extraordinary exhibition or if you want to experience Bruegel again, we have good news for you: the best of Bruegel – his most important works – are always on show in our Picture Gallery!

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna houses twelve works by him, and thus the world’s largest and most important collection of paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. The works include celebrated panels like Peasant Wedding, Children’s Games, Hunters in the Snow and, of course, The Tower of Babel. These and other masterpieces by Bruegel are displayed in the aptly named “Bruegel Gallery” (Gallery X) of the Picture Gallery. This means that the best Bruegels, the heart of the exhibition, continue to be on show in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

“Inside Bruegel” – discover Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s fascinating technique and handling

Interactive Website: Inside Bruegel

The comprehensive study of our Bruegel holdings proved a major factor in the exhibition’s outstanding success. In collaboration with the Technical University (TU) Vienna, we developed a unique “photo robot” to produce photographs that carefully document Bruegel’s handling and technique.

Visit our interactive website to view these high-resolution images of all the paintings by Bruegel in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

Even after the exhibition has closed its doors, the free website can still be accessed by art-lovers from all over the world – in this we are complying with one of Bruegel’s wishes, to look closely at his compositions: these sensational images allow us to focus on different parts of the paintings. Selected details are shown side by side in natural light, infrared reflectography and X-ray images.

Check it out for yourself and discover all the tiny, fascinating details in Bruegel’s compositions.


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