Decorative Ewer with Seychelles Nut

1602, Artist: Anton Schweinberger , (Fassung)



Decorative Ewer with Seychelles Nut

The ewer created by two court artists for Emperor Rudolph II displays half of a Seychelles nut. This giant seed from a type of palm was found washed up on beaches of the Indian Ocean, and was hence believed to be a sea fruit. The depictions on both the nut and its mount refer to this fact. The interplay of nature and art is prototypical.

Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Kunstkammer Wien Raum XXV

Object data

Object Name







Anton Schweinberger , (Fassung) (um 1550 Augsburg - 1603 Prag) - GND

Attributed to

Nikolaus Pfaff , (Schnitzer) (1556? Nürnberg - 1612 Prag) - GND


Seychelles nut, silver, partially gilded


38,5 cm × 36,5 cm × 26 cm


A. Schweinberger. f.

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Kunstkammer

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Kunstkammer, 6872

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