Tischuhr, Uhr, Astronomische Uhr

um 1590/1600



Tischuhr, Uhr, Astronomische Uhr

On the
front of the table clock there are five dials. The biggest one in the middle
consists of six rings that indicate hours, minutes, months and holidays in
different ways. The smaller dials show the days of the week, the signs of the
zodiac, sundays and the lunar cycle. The disc on the left side was used to set
the alarm.

Location: Schloss Ambras Innsbruck Unterschloss, Kunstkammer

Object data

Object Name

Uhr; Tischuhr, Astronomische Uhr




um 1590/1600


H. 42,5 cm

Gesamt inkl. Sockel: H. 50 cm


Augsburger Pyr

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Kunstkammer

Inv. No.

Kunstkammer, 6855

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