Drinking Satyr

ca. 1515/20, Artist: Andrea Briosco, gen. Riccio



Drinking Satyr

At the turn of the 16th century, Andrea Briosco, called “Il Riccio,” was the most influential sculptor in the humanist milieu of the university city of Padua. He translated genre-like classical motifs into an expressive-naturalistic idiom. Small-scale realistic animal figures informed by classical finds were another genre that became popular in Padua. These mass-produced small bronzes were widely disseminated.

Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Kunstkammer Wien Raum XXXIII

Object data

Object Name

Statuette; bronze sculpture




ca. 1515/20


Andrea Briosco, gen. Riccio (1470 Trient (?) - 1532 Padua) - GND




21,7 cm × 17 cm × 16,5 cm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Kunstkammer

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Kunstkammer, 5539

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