All Saints’ Picture (Landauer Altar)

1511, Artist: Albrecht Dürer



All Saints’ Picture (Landauer Altar)

The Nuremberg merchant Matthäus Landauer founded the “Twelve Brothers’ House” as a home for aged and destitute craftsmen. He commissioned Dürer to do the altar-piece for the associated chapel. The All Saints’ Picture depicts the adoration of the Holy Trinity by the heavenly angels and saints united in the community of “God’s state” as well as by earthly believers of all times. On the left hand side of the picture, the founder Matthäus Landauer is kneeling surrounded by the righteous. Set apart from the heavenly vision on earth, Dürer has painted himself in festive garments with an inscription board bearing his signature. Inv.-Nr. GG 838

Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Saal XI

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Albrecht Dürer (1471 Nürnberg - 1528 Nürnberg) - GND




135 x 123,4 cm


Inscribed on the tablet at lower right: ALBERTVS. DVRER. NORICVS. FACIEBAT. ANNO. A. VIRGINIS. PARTV. 1511; and the monogram

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Gemäldegalerie

Inv. No.

Gemäldegalerie, 838


1585 bought by Rudolf II from the foundation of the Twelve Brothers' House; 1780 from the Geistlichen Schatzkammer into the picture gallery;


Albrecht Dürer (1471 Nürnberg - 1528 Nürnberg) - GND

Dorothea Haller

Wilhelm Haller (Anfang 16. Jahrhundert)

Matthias Landauer (1451 - 1515) - GND

100 Meisterwerke - Allerheiligenbild Landauer Altar - Albrecht Dürer

IGS - Allerheiligenbild ("Landauer Altar") - Albrecht Dürer

OESG - Allerheiligenbild ("Landauer Altar") - Albrecht Dürer

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