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Child’s Carriage of Crown Prince Rudolf

around 1860 , Manufacturer: Cesare Sala



Child’s Carriage of Crown Prince Rudolf

The model for this two-seater child's carriage was the child's carriage built in Paris in 1811/12 for the later Duke of Reichstadt . The gilt crane-neck undercarriage with C-springs, the basketwork pattern painted on the body and the screw-on sunroof ornamented with crowns are especially exquisite. It is thought to be a gift from the Italian king Vittorio Emmanuele II, who in 1863 also honoured the Portuguese Crown Prince Carlos with an almost identical carriage built by Sala. (MKR)

Location: Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien Schauhalle 1

Object data

Object Name



around 1860



L. 270 cm, H. 169 cm, B. 113 cm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Wagenburg

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Wagenburg, W 69 1

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