Christ and the Samaritan

around 1585, Artist: Paolo Caliari, gen. Veronese und Werkstatt



Christ and the Samaritan

The Gospel according to St. John reflects the thoughtful dialogue between Christ and the (non-Jewish) woman from Samaria at Jacob’s Well: Christ reveals his divine nature to her; the Samaritan greets him as the Redeemer of the World. In the poetic evening landscape and the composition of the figures, the “comprehending listening” is perfectly expressed. Part of the so-called “Buckingham Series”. Possibly the companion picture to “Rebecca at the Well” (Washington, National Gallery).

Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Saal V

Object data

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Italian, Venetian


around 1585


Paolo Caliari, gen. Veronese und Werkstatt (1528 Verona - 1588 Venedig) - GND

Carlo Caliari gen. Carletto Veronese (Mitarbeit) (1570 Verona - 1596 Venedig) - GND

Benedetto Caliari gen. Veronese (Mitarbeit) (1535/36 Verona - 1598 Venedig) - GND




Overall: 143,5 cm × 288,3 cm × 3,2 cm
Framed: 162,2 cm × 307,5 cm × 7 cm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Gemäldegalerie

Inv. No.

Gemäldegalerie, 19


c. 1613 Coll. Charles de Croy, Duc d' Arschot, Beaumont Castle; acquired before 1635-1648 Coll. Buckingham; acquired in 1649

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