Korallen - Kasel

1. Hälfte 18. Jahrhundert



Korallen - Kasel

Rich gold embroidery work on a silver lamé ground with coral beads and paillettes: ascending, symmetrical pattern over the whole width. Broad, sweeping, leaflike decoration extends from a vase and from a fan of leaves upon valanced drapery. From these branch out cornucopiae with ears of wheat or flowers. The rows of coral beads follow most of the contours and outer edges. The central orphrey is enclosed by a row of coral beads and gold embroidery. This chasuble is an individual piece with a matching stole and maniple.

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Herstellung: Italienisch


1. Hälfte 18. Jahrhundert


Silberlamé, Seide, Lahn; Goldstickerei, Korallen


106 cm × 73 cm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Geistliche Schatzkammer

Inv. No.

Schatzkammer, GS A 51 b

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