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Rembrandt – Hoogstraten

Thanks to your support, we are able to restore masterpieces by Rembrandt and Hoogstraten!

With Rembrandt – Hoogstraten. Colour and Illusion, the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna will dedicate an exhibition to the masterpieces of Rembrandt for the first time. The special exhibition – opening in autumn 2024 – will focus on Rembrandt’s use of colour, as well as his influence on successors such as his pupil Samuel van Hoogstraten.

The exhibition is accompanied by a large-scale research project on Rembrandt’s oeuvre, which is being realized in cooperation with renowned international institutions such as the Rembrandthuis in Amsterdam. State-of-the-art technological investigations have been carried out on Rembrandt’s and Hoogstraten’s paintings from the collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, and several masterpieces by the two great artists have been restored or are currently in the last phase of the restoration process.

The restoration

In preparation for the Rembrandt – Hoogstraten exhibition, extensive research was carried out in cooperation with international partners such as the National Gallery in Washington D.C. and the University of Antwerp. The photo shows the setting for X-ray diffractometry, which can be used to analyze inorganic pigments in detail.

Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, Small Self Portrait. Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Picture Gallery, inv. 414 © KHM-Museumsverband
Samuel van Hoogstraten, Old Man at the Window. Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Picture Gallery, inv. 378 © KHM-Museumsverband

During the course of the restoration, the once trimmed and folded edges were reintegrated into the picture plane with remnants of the original painting. New strips of canvas had to be attached for this purpose. Only then could the painting be mounted on the new, correspondingly larger stretcher frame. Tests are being carried out on test strips to shade the new, very light edges.

Thanks to the numerous donors, we have not only reached the required sum of € 100,000 for the restoration of the Dutch masterpieces, but even exceeded it!

Sabine Haag, Director General of the KHM-Museumsverband

We would be delighted if you visit the exhibition at Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna from 8 October 2024 to see these unique works of art in their original state.

We thank all our supporters from the bottom of our hearts!


We thank our numerous donors!

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