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Coin Acquisition Regalian & Dryantilla

The Kunsthistorisches Museum has received a special acquisition offer!

The Kunsthistorisches Museum has received a very special offer: 22 coins that are closely linked to Austria's history are up for sale. The rarity of these pieces is almost comparable to that of the Mauritius "Post Office" stamps. We would like to take this opportunity to preserve these valuable testimonies of Austrian history for future generations in the collection of our Coin Cabinet and ask for your support!

Copper engraving of a coin of Regalianus from 1767.

The extraordinary history of the coins

After the capture of Emperor Valerian by the Sasanians in 260 CE, Regalian, either governor of the Roman province of Pannonia or commanding general, had himself proclaimed Roman emperor in the garrison town of Carnuntum, just 40 kilometres east of Vienna. To secure his usurpation, Regalian immediately minted coins bearing his counterfeit and that of his wife Dryantilla.

These coins are an important part of Austria‘s cultural heritage. An Austrian collector has collected the pieces over decades and has now offered 22 of them to the Kunsthistorisches Museum.

The rarity of the coins is comparable to the famous Mauritius "Post Office" stamps, as in total there are only around 130 coins by Regalian and Dryantilla in the world. About two thirds of them are privately owned, which means they are not accessible to the public.

Two coins featuring the portrait of Regalianus; the right coin shows remnants of the overstruck coin of Caracalla or Geta.

An unusual origin story

The history of the coins’ production is also fascinating: As there was no mint in Carnuntum, they were simply struck on older coins, and in some cases, remnants of the motifs from the old coinage are still visible. The overstruck coins were several decades old and had a much higher silver value, making them highly favored in the year 260. Of course, we do not want to miss out on the opportunity to add these very special coins to our collection in order to make these precious objects permanently accessible to the public!

Copper engraving of a coin of Dryantilla from 1767, Inv.-No. RÖ 20748.

We hope for your support!

A purchase of such historical and art-historical significance represents an enormous financial challenge for us. We still need 64.500 euros to finalize the purchase. Together we can expand the collections of the Kunsthistorisches Museum for future generations!

We would like to thank you for your donation

  • For donations of 150 euros or more, we invite you to an exclusive donor reception with Director General Sabine Haag.
  • For donations of 700 euros or more, we invite you to an exclusive guided tour through our Coin Cabinet.
  • For donations of 1,500 euros or more, we invite you to a look behind the scenes of our Coin Cabinet or a special guided tour with Klaus Vondrovec, Director of the Coin Cabinet.


Please support us - your donation will help us to discover the secrets of Rembrandt's art, and to prepare these great masterpieces for the upcoming exhibition!

Thanks to the support of our generous donors, we have already been able to implement many projects that would not have been feasible without financial assistance. I would like to thank all art lovers who contribute to our ability to fulfill our core tasks and to make art accessible to all, even in challenging times!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sabine Haag,
Director General
Klaus Vondrovec
Project-lead, Director of the Coin Collection


For more information, please contact
Sandra Eichinger, BA
T +43 1 525 24 – 4038

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