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Each of the stories added here periodically explores a single work of art. The themes range from warmth of heart to courage and peace, cruelty, weakness, and war.

If the creations of human hand and brain presented here spark your interest, then why not visit the originals in the galleries of Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

Our current themes here are: #Moments, objects, stories from the 125-year history of Kunsthistorisches Museum, images of the Virgin Mary, explored from the perspective of the portrayed: #I am Mary and  #The Face of Europe.

Between death and resurrection or: off to new shores.

Zacharias Hegewald
Dead Christ
Dresden, c. 1630
KHM, Kunstkammer, inv. no. 3891

Christ lies upon an expanse of cloth creased by folds. With the last of his strength he seems to grasp the fabric. Around the fingertips of his left hand small depressions are formed in the cloth.

The skin of the muscular body is strained and tensed

Master of the Furies
Phoenix with Outstretched Wings
Salzburg (?), c. 1610/20
KHM, Kunstkammer, inv. no. 3721

For the believer who views the sculpture the phase between death and resurrection is imbued with a unique atmosphere. Anguish over Christ’s agonizing death on the cross mixes with the redemptive knowledge of the resurrection.

Hegewald combines with virtuosity different artistic concepts: the harmoniously proportioned body has its origin in Italian influences, whilst the naturalistic rendering of the surfaces and detailed representation of the folds of the loincloth hark back to earlier central European traditions.

written by Cäcilia Bischoff, translated by Joshua Stein on 17.10.2018 in #The Face of Europe
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