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Private tours for children

If you want to know the fascinating stories behind the artworks come to one of our guided tours for children! Get to know individual collections or learn about specific subjects or topics – let your imagination run wild! For ideas and topics check our programme of public tours for children in German.

We offer private tours for children (see suggested topics/themes) in the following collections

Ancient Egyptian and Near-Eastern Collection
A journey to the land of the Pharaohs

Collection of Greek and Roman Antiquities
A treasure hunt

Picture Gallery

The Ephesus Museum
The city of one of the Wonders of the Worlds

The Imperial Armoury
Knights close up

Kunstkammer Vienna
Snake oil and magic treasures

Collection of Historical Musical Instruments
Instruments from a chamber of wonders

Imperial Treasury Vienna
Crowns and more

Carriage Museum Vienna
Carriages that can go up to 8 PS


50 Min. oder ca. 90 Min.

Preis pro Führung (50 Min.):
bis derzeit 13 Kinder pauschal € 40

Preis pro Führung (ca. 90 Min.):
bis derzeit 13 Kinder pauschal € 60

Eintritt für Kinder frei,
2 begleitende Erwachsene zahlen den ermäßigten Eintritt

Terminvereinbarung bitte 2-3 Wochen im Voraus.

Derzeit Gruppen bis max. 13 Kindern

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Education dept.
T +43 1 525 24 - 5202

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