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Guided tours for school groups

All our guided tours for school groups are conversational and tailored to the students’ needs. Visits can focus on one or two collections or look at a particular topic or theme in artworks from different collections and periods – whatever you prefer. The rich and varied collections of the Kunsthistorisches Museum are ideal to illustrate and bring to life the syllabi of all types of schools and all grades, from primary to secondary school.

We offer private tours for school groups in the following collections

In the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna
Collection of Greek and Roman AntiquitiesPicture Gallery, Kunstkammer Vienna

In the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna Neue Burg
The Ephesus Museum, The Imperial ArmouryCollection of Historical Musical Instruments

In the Imperial Treasury Vienna and the Carriage Museum Vienna

Art education


Renaissance and Baroque
Light and colour



Stories from the Old Testament
Stories from the New Testament
Saints and their legends



Hieroglyphics for beginners
Everyday life in the olden days
War and peace

primary school


Animals and fabulous creatures
Pictures of children and families
Brueghel for children
Emperor, king & nobleman
Living knights/ Knights at first hand

Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection
Please note!


c. 60 or 90 minutes

group size
max. 25 persons

price per guided tour
€ 3 or € 4,50 per pupil
(school groups of less than
13 pupils pay a fixed rate of
€ 40 or € 60)

English, italiano, Français, español, pyccкий

Please book at least one week in advance.

Contact us

Education dept.
T +43 1 525 24 - 5202

Das Kunsthistorische Museum als Partner
für den Unterricht


Wien heute und zur Zeit Maria Theresias
(7.5 MB)
Arbeitshilfen fu?r den Museumsbesuch mit Schulklassen


Das Kind und sein Alltag im Wandel der Jahrhunderte
(2.7 MB)
Ein Leitfaden fu?r einen Museumsbesuch im Kunsthistorischen Museum


Die Metamorphosen des Ovid in der Gemäldegalerie des KHM
(2.3 MB)
Ein Leitfaden fu?r einen Museumsbesuch im Kunsthistorischen Museum


Kunst und Werbung
(2.7 MB)
Ein Leitfaden fu?r einen Museumsbesuch im Kunsthistorischen Museum


Entdecken, Staunen, Sammeln
(10.6 MB)
Ein Leitfaden für einen Museumsbesuch der Kunstkammer Wien

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