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The App from the Kunsthistorisches Museum

Discover the diversity of our collections in the fascinating tours on various topics like love or magic. Explore the museum with your smartphone in your hand, or get to know famous works of art from a different perspective. Take a look behind the scenes, at x-ray images, backsides of works and unknown details.
Let yourself be surprised and entertained and get active! Slip into the role of a superhero or a queen, create a monster or send a bouquet of flowers to the one you love.


New: A Snowball's Chance?! Kids - Climate, Art and Disasters

When was the last time you built a snowman, a snowwoman or another figure out of snow? Unfortunately, the last few winters were mostly too warm for that, and even now the temperatures are more like spring again.

Our app tour A Snowball's Chance follows the tracks of climate crisis, based on artworks from the museum that make visible the often difficult relationship between man and nature.

From today, the tour for adults will be complemented by a new one aimed specifically at young people from 10 years. Visitors of different age can go on the tour simultaneously and are invited to exchange ideas and learn new things. 

Travel with us - climate-friendly! - to Flanders, the Tropics or Ancient Egypt; either from the comfort of your sofa or, as of today, on site at the museum!

Spannende Geschichten quer durchs Museum

  • Schnee von gestern?! – Klima, Kunst und Katastrophen
  • Love Kills – Der Tod macht Schluss
  • Magie! – Geheime Mächte quer durch die Jahrtausende
  • Building Bodies – Körper, Kult und Kunst
  • Bodies Unlimited – Noch mehr Körper, Kult und Kunst
  • Total Sozial?! – Von Luxus und Armut in der Kunst
  • Backstage Museum – Die Arbeit hinter der Kunst

Speziell für Kinder

  • Schnee von gestern?! Kids – Klima, Kunst und Katastrophen
  • Monsterforschen leicht gemacht – Auf der Suche nach Drache, Einhorn & Co.
  • Superpower – Heldinnen und Helden der Antike
  • Zeitreise – Besuch aus dem All

Museum der Träume

  • Ihr denkt ihr kennt mich?
  • Wie ein böser Zauber ist das!
  • Ein rätselhaftes Bild!
  • Kommen Sie her und zeigen Sie sich!

»KHM Stories« ist für Smartphones mit den Betriebssystemen iOS und Android kostenlos verfügbar.

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