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Dine like an emperor.
Treat your guests to an unique experience.

You and your guests can have numerous collections all to yourself to enjoy throughout the evening! Your event is going to be a great experience in our impressive locations and premises. Choose from various different venues – from formal dinners at the Weltmuseums Wien, to receptions at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, from special tours through the former Imperial Picture Gallery to 5.000-year-old treasuries of the Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection, in addition to the former Imperial and Royal Collection of Arms and Armour, from evening tours through the Imperial Treasury to the amazement of the carriages and vehicles of the Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna.

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

The Kunsthistorisches Museum is one of the most impressive museum buildings of the nineteenth century.

The stock is unique – together with the gorgeous monumental building it opens an unbelievable world, which stimulates all human senses.

Cupola Hall

Cocktail: 400 people*

Banquet: 180 people*

Theatre Style: 220 people

Catering possible ✓

The Main Staircase and the Cupola Hall combine baroque decorative features to one of the most precious interior rooms of all European museum architecture. The original ceiling and wall paintings are amongst others by Mihály von Munkácsy, Hans Makart and Gustav Klimt. Antonio Canova’s statue of Theseus Slaying the Centaur is the focal point of the landing and is particularly well suited for welcoming your guests personally, or for starting the evening with a performance of music or dancing.

*If the staircase is also booked, 700 or 220 people are possible




Cocktail: 250 people

Catering possible ✓

The impressive Entrance Hall leads to a series of wonderfully decorated rooms. You may choose to welcome your guests with a cocktail reception held in the Entrance Hall. This area offers access to the Egyptian and Near Eastern Collection and to the Kunstkammer – or use the Mezzanine for small receptions and as an effective entrée to the Kunstkammer.


Cocktail: 180 people

Theatre Style: 180 people

Board: 30 people

Circle of chairs: 40 people

U-shape: 30 people

Catering possible ✓

Civil marriage ✓

During opening hours ✓

The Bassano Hall – for a long time only housing works by the correspondent Venetian family of painters – is the ideal venue for concerts, lectures, readings or seminars. The area directly in front of the Hall entrance can be used for coffee breaks or receptions.


Cocktail: 50 people

Banquet: 30 people

Catering possible ✓

Civil marriage ✓

During opening hours ✓

The Lounge on the 2nd floor with a breathtaking view into the Cupola Hall is the perfect location for a private cocktail party. Enjoy delicious food and fine drinks, while looking at the amazing Maria Theresien-Platz and the Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna. Events are only possible outside our opening hours.

Lecture Room

Theatre Style: 60 people

During opening hours ✓

The Lecture Room which does not belong to the historic stock is equipped with a sound system, beamer and internet. Coffee breaks in the area in front of the room are possible.

Weltmuseum Wien

The Weltmuseum Wien is one of the most important of its kind in the world.

The sumptuous Hall of Columns and the Forum can be rented for various events. Guided tours of the Collection or of current special exhibitions complete the agenda of your event.

Hall of Columns

Cocktail: 400 people

Banquet: 300 people

Theatre Style: 200 people

Catering possible ✓

The sumptuous Hall of Columns provides an unforgettable setting for gala dinners, cocktails, receptions, readings, or concerts. Additionally this representative room, furnished with a glass ceiling, proves equally suited as a venue for the presentation of books, companies, or their products, or press conferences. A grand staircase leads up to the landing on the mezzanine which can also be used for receptions.

Lecture Hall

Theatre Style: 120 people

Parliament: 50 people

Board: 28 people

Circle of chairs: 30 people

U-shape: 20 people

Catering possible ✓

During opening hours ✓

The Forum (Lecture Hall) at the Weltmuseum Wien lends itself to events like concerts and lectures, seminars or workshops. Coffee breaks and catering are possible in the Kanonengang Gallery with a view of Heldenplatz Square, in the Lounge or the marble-clad Steinsaal.

Theatermuseum at Lobkowitz Palace

The Lobkowitz Palace was the first important town palace built in Vienna.

During the Congress of Vienna, many magnificent balls and receptions were held at the palace. Continuing this tradition, we offer you the opportunity to stage events in one of Vienna’s most beautiful baroque palaces.


Theatre Style: 90 people

Banquet: 80 people

Cocktail: 90 people

Catering possible ✓

During opening hours ✓

The Eroica-Hall is the ideal location for all kinds of festivities and events, such as concerts and musical performances, book presentations, symposia or dinners. It is also a sparkling area for elegant dinners.


Cocktail: 90 people

Catering possible ✓

The Vestibule leading to the Eroica-Hall is an ideal venue for cocktail receptions or drinks, or can serve as the location for the buffet during a dinner held in the Eroica-Hall.

Exclusive private openings with guided tours

Provide your guests with a truly unique experience in an imperial setting.

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Amid the spectacular architecture

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