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Honey from the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna

“An idea – a delicious result”

In spring 2014, 200.000 bees found a new home on the roof of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. You would be wrong to imagine bees found nothing to eat in the centre of a city. The immediate vicinity of the Museum offers a surprising variety of sources for nectar: from the roses in the Volksgarten to the lilac bushes on Heldenplatz to the linden and chestnut trees lining the Ringstrasse to the old pines growing around the Kunsthistorisches Museum. They give our honey its highly aromatic flavour. And - unlike many similar products – everything that goes into our pots of honey was produced by our bees.

This season's honey is now available in the KHM Shops and in our online shop.


Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
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