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Richard Wright in the Theseus Temple – and in the re-opened Rijksmuseum Amsterdam!

18. April 2013

Kunsthistorisches Museum
Moderne & zeitgenössische Kunst

This week the British artist and Turner-prize winner Richard Wright opened his new exhibition at the Theseus Temple in Vienna’s Volksgarten. On show is a delicate, elaborate wall painting made of silver foil that the artist and his team of artists painstakingly applied directly onto the inner wall of the temple. Wright’s works are noted for the fact that many of them are ephemeral – like the artwork in the Theseus Temple that will be painted over when the exhibition ends on September 29, 2013.

This is, however, not the case with another work by Richard Wright that was also recently unveiled: a ceiling painting in the newly reopened Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam depicts a starry sky next to or rather above Rembrandt’s celebrated “Night Watch”. It comprises over 47.000 hand-painted stars created, like the work in the Theseus Temple, by Richard Wright using ancient and traditional techniques.

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