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List of technical drawings

In the download, drawings of musical instruments from the Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments are listed (update August 2023). They are drawn to full scale and are obtainable as blueprints. It should be noted that they are primarily intended as documentation for organological research; therefore, some of the details wanted by an instrument maker might be missing. However, every effort has been made to provide accurate details relating to measurements, constructional aspects and materials.

Please note: On all prices listed, postage, packing and tax is not included. Please do not send cheques with your order but wait for our offer and our payment conditions. After payment you will receive the drawings ordered.

Technical drawings, photos, text- or sound-documents of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien are protected by copyright. Without permission this material must not be reproduced, redistributed, copied or changed.

The list comprises the following information: Inventory number: For your order please use the number beginning with the prefix SAM ... only. The numbers in parenthesis are obsolete.
Price in EUR
Size of plan in m

For order please contact:
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
1010 Wien, Burgring 5
1010 Wine
T +43 1 52524 - 6051
F +43 1 52524 - 6099

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