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Threads of power

16th century tapesteries from the Kunsthistorisches Museum
14 July 2015 to
20 September 2015
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Rubens’ Portrait of Helena Fourment. Some Hidden Aspects of „The Fur“
30 July 2015 to
29 November 2015
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Diptych with Margaret of Austria Worshipping the Virgin and Child
From the Museum Voor Schone Kunsten in Ghent
1 June 2015 to
30 June 2016
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An egyptian Puzzle

Restoring the coffin lid of But-har-chonsu
12 May 2015 to
26 October 2015
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Susan Philipsz

War Damaged Musical Instruments (Pair)
29 April 2015 to
4 October 2015
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Coinage and Power in Ancient Israel

From the Collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
24 February 2015 to
3 April 2016
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Massimo Listri

30 January 2015 to
26 October 2015
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from 16 September 2015

Caravaggio's Cupid

A visiting Masterpiece
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from 29 September 2015

Celebrate Life!

Ten »life masks« transformed into art
An exhibition in cooperation with Caritas Read more
Joseph Cornell: Wanderlust from 20 October 2015

Occident and crescent moon

The ottoman orient in renaissance art
an itinerary through the collections
5 May 2015 to
26 October 2015
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The First Congress of Vienna 1515

A pivotal event in the history of Central Europe. The Jagiellonians and the Habsburgs
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Sharing History

Arab World – Europe | 1815 – 1918
Virtual Museum and Virtual Exhibition Read more

Emperor Charles V Captures Tunis

Documenting a Campaign
7 May 2013 to
20 September 2015
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US Tour

15 February 2015 to
17 January 2016
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