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Drawing: Carlo Sebastian Paulus

Drawing: Carlo Sebastian Paulus

Modern and Contemporary Art in the Kunsthistorisches Museum

"There has always been good painting and bad painting,
but in art, the terms ancient and modern do not have citizenship.”

Hsieh Ho, China, 6th century

In early 2012 the Kunsthistorisches Museum has begun to establish a new programme of talks and exhibitions on modern & contemporary art under the guidance of adjunct curator Jasper Sharp.

The primary focus of the Kunsthistorisches Museum is, and will always remain, its historical collections. The museum's decision to strengthen its commitment to modern and contemporary art intends to contribute to a deeper understanding of those collections, to reconsider the context in which individual objects were produced and acquired, and to underline their enduring relevance to visitors today.

In the coming years, internationally established artists will be invited to the Kunsthistorisches Museum to listen in to the conversations that have taken place across the centuries of art history, and to become part of the conversation themselves through exhibitions and commissioned projects. Monthly talks by artists, curators and collectors will maintain a focus on the relationship between historical and contemporary art, and reveal the influences that continue to shape the production of art today.

By extending the exhibition and educational programme of the Kunsthistorisches Museum into the present day, we hope to awaken the glance of our visitors, to open debate and discussion, and to deepen our understanding of the museum's remarkable history and collections.


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