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Part of a Writing Set, Case

ca. 1560/1570, Artist: Wenzel Jamnitzer



Part of a Writing Set, Case

This exceptional silver casket with various writing utensils comes from the famous Nuremberg goldsmith Wenzel Jamnitzer, who frequently worked for the house of Hapsburg. It is lavishly adorned with casts from small animals, shells, and plants. Archduke Ferdinand II particularly treasured this technique, distinguished by its astonishing closeness to nature.

Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Kunstkammer Wien Raum XXIV

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ca. 1560/1570


Wenzel Jamnitzer (um 1508 Wien - 1585 Nürnberg) - GND




L. 22,7 cm, W. 10,2 cm, H. 6 cm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Kunstkammer

Inv. No.

Kunstkammer, 1155

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