07.05.1898 (completed), Manufacturer: Ludwig Bösendorfer




This instrument was created for the 50th anniversary of the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph, and was presented to him in 1898. The emperor in turn made a gift of the piano to his daughter Archduchess Marie Valerie, who was married to Archduke Franz Salvator. The baby grand piano is decorated with the motto of the emperor “Viribus Unitis”, amongst other ornamentation. An original lower frame added to the case was once richly decorated, yet was later replaced by the current unadorned legs. (bd)

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Austria, Vienna


07.05.1898 (completed)


Ludwig Bösendorfer (1835 Wien - 1919 Wien) - GND

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1700 mm x 1440 mm x 995 mm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente

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Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente, 1053

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