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Natural trumpet

1741, Manufacturer: Michael Leichamschneider



Natural trumpet

Shortly after the inauguration of Empress Maria Theresia in 1741, Michael Leichamschneider received a further order, this time for five trumpets. His son, who took over the workshop, later delivered a sixth trumpet. The instrument pictured here was among these instruments. Along with the other Leichamschneider trumpets, it was used in the imperial hofkapelle well into the 19th century. These natural trumpets made from silver are partially gilded and show ornaments like engravings and figurative fittings. On the bell the emblems of the Habsburg and intarsia MT pointing to Maria Theresia are visible. In the middle of the 19th century these trumpets were modernized with valves - in our days they appear reconstrcted in Baroque style.
Sig.: "Michael Leichnam/schneider / in Wienn 1741" and letters: "MT" (bd/rh)

Lit.: Rudolf Hopfner: Masterpieces from the Collection of Historic Musical Instruments. A Short Guide through the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Vol. 1, Vienna 2019.

Location: Neue Burg, Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente Saal 13

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Natural trumpet


Austria, Vienna




Michael Leichamschneider (1676 Osterberg - 1746 Wien) - GND

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700 mm x 150 mm x 110 mm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente

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Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente, 401

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