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Double guitar

1690, Manufacturer: Alexandre Voboam



Double guitar

Double guitars are of rare occurrence. Hence the instrument from 1690 made by Voboam enjoys a special status. Nicolas Alexandre Voboam was an important producer of guitars and castanets in Paris at the end of the 17th century. His double guiter consists of a regular guitar attached to a small guitar within one single body. The small instrument was probably tuned a fifth higher than the larger instrument. The two guitars are stringed with five double courses. This corresponded to the aesthetic and taste of the time. (bd)

Location: Neue Burg, Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente Saal 11

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Double guitar


France, Paris




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960 mm x 400 mm x 95 mm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente

Inv. No.

Sammlung alter Musikinstrumente, 53

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Das Kunsthistorische Museum Wien dankt Herrn Johannes Dengg sehr herzlich für die Patenschaft!