Stammbaum mit den Königen und Kaisern des Hauses Habsburg

um 1725/30, Artist: Christoph Dorsch



Stammbaum mit den Königen und Kaisern des Hauses Habsburg

The crown of this sturdy gold tree, with ist fancyful branchings from which 16 portrait medaillons are suspended, is conceived on the outlines of a rhombus. The medaillons of chalcedony are inscribed and arranged from bottom to top and left to right in the chronological sequence of the kings and emperors portrayed: Rudolf I. (1218/1273-1291), Albrecht I., Albrecht II., Friedrich III. (the Handsome), Friedrich IV. (today counted as Friedrich III), Maximilian I., Karl V., Ferdinand I., Maximilian II., Rudolf II., Matthias, Ferdinand II., Ferdinand III., Leopold I., Joseph I. and Karl VI. (1685/1711-1740). The sequence of emperors was of course interrupted by rulers from other dynasties. They are linked here with the motif of the familiy tree, which is at the same time a memorial to the House of Habsburg.

Location: Kaiserliche Schatzkammer Wien Raum 7

Object data

Object Name



Wien (Bäumchen); Nürnberg (Intaglios)


um 1725/30


Christoph Dorsch (1676 Nürnberg - 1732 Nürnberg) - GND


Chalcedon; Tiefschnitt (Intaglio)
Fassung: Gold


H. 29,2 cm, B. 17,4 cm, D. Fuß 12,8 cm



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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Kunstkammer

Inv. No.

Antikensammlung, XII 783

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