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Large spring-suspended personal sleigh

1897 , Production: Hofwagenfabrik Armbruster (Wien)



Large spring-suspended personal sleigh

This elegant personal sleigh was intended for winter outings by the imperial family. To increase comfort, the two-seated box for the passengers was suspended by leather straps on C-springs. The benches at the front and back for the coach- and footmen, however, have no springs. As a court vehicle the sleigh has green paintwork and gold trim and is decorated with Rudolphine crowns. To make driving at night possible, it also has two lanterns. (MKR)

Location: Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien Schauhalle 1

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150 cm × 158 cm × 315 cm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Wagenburg

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Wagenburg, W 86 1

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