Epergne of Duke Charles Alexander of Lorraine

dated 1755, adapted 1770 and 1794, Artist: Pieter Jozef Fonson



Epergne of Duke Charles Alexander of Lorraine

The gluttonous brother-in-law of Maria Theresa, Duke Karl Alexander of Lorraine, owned wonderful tableware. Only four candelabras, two sauce-boats and the epergne reproduce here have been preserved from his large golden table service. On a base in the shape of a tray an open work basket is placed as a central piece, supported by four candelabras. Out of the basket sprout the most delicate porcelain flowers, which however, are not original. Below several small Chinese porcelain figures and around this centre group are arranged two pairs of porcelain oil and vinegar jugs set in gold, two golden sugar shakers and four little porcelain bowls with lids. These last items are dated 1794 and bear the mark of the Vienna Augarten manufacture. Jakob Frans Van der Donck (Brussels 1725-1801) was commissioned as early as 1770 with the extension and remodelling of this set. In carrying out his work he re-used older parts of the epergne. Except for the tablet dated and signed by Fonson to the left and right of the Duke's coat of arms, we are not able to establish what other parts of the original work by Fonson are still preserved in this epergne.

Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Kunstkammer Wien Raum XIX

Object data

Object Name

centrepiece, Surtout


Brussels; Japan, Vienna, Sèvres (porcelain)


dated 1755, adapted 1770 and 1794


Pieter Jozef Fonson (1713 Mons - 1799 Brüssel) - GND

Jakob van der Donck (1724 Brüssel - 1801 Brüssel)


Gold, porcelain


H. 54,5 cm, L. 63,2 cm, B. 46 cm

H. (ohne Blumenbouquet): 40 cm



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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Kunstkammer

Inv. No.

Kunstkammer, 1268 bis 1280

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