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Two-Seater personal travelling carriage of the Emperor Franz I

around 1833 , Production: Hofsattlerei



Two-Seater personal travelling carriage of the Emperor Franz I

The carriage is a "dormeuse" in which a double bed could be set up. Special features of the travelling carriage are the sturdy wheels and springs, the double hanging straps, the cast-iron brake shoes, the additional stabilisers for mountainous routes attached to its back and the suitcases fixed to racks on the roof and at the back. Features of an imperial carriage are the rich gilt and the exquisite decoration of the undercarriage and metal parts. (MKR)

Location: Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien Schauhalle 1

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Object Name



around 1833



L. 435 cm, H. 255 cm, B. 188 cm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Wagenburg

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Wagenburg, W 51 1

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