Personal driving carriage of the Emperor Franz I

around 1815



Personal driving carriage of the Emperor Franz I

Due to its lavish fittings with a gilt crane-neck undercarriage, C-springs, folding hood, footman rear step and exquisite decor, this phaeton was one of the court's state carriages. However, it was used as a leisure time carriage which the Emperor himself drove from his seat. A coachman and footman road along on the rear step. If necessary the coachman could drive the carriage from the hardly noticeable emergency seat at the front of the carriage body. (MKR)

Location: Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien Schauhalle 1

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around 1815


L. 354 cm, H. 240 cm, B. 170 cm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Wagenburg

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Wagenburg, W 65

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