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State Coach, so-called "Mourning-Homage Carriage"

Gestell um 1690, Kasten um 1730/35, umgebaut im 19. Jahrhundert



State Coach, so-called "Mourning-Homage Carriage"

The originally gold-plated, high-ranking state coach was adapted to a mourning carriage in the early 19th century and was painted and fitted out in black. The allegorical paintings on the coach panels by Michelangelo Unterberger (dating from c. 1738/40) were only rediscovered under the black paint in 1930. This carriage was drawn by six or eight horses from the Kladrub imperial stud farm. The first proven use of this coach was at the coronation of the future Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II in Frankfurt on the Main, on 29th March, 1764. The formal entry parade into the city of Frankfurt is depicted in a painting by Johann Dallinger dating from 1766/67 (KHM, GG, Inv.-Nr. 7467). The original appearence of the coach body is clearly visible in this painting. (MKR)

Location: Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien Schauhalle 2

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Gestell um 1690, Kasten um 1730/35, umgebaut im 19. Jahrhundert


614 cm × 351 cm × 192 cm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Wagenburg

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Wagenburg, W 2 1

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