Rococo Berlin carriage, so-called “prince” or “ladies’” carriage

around 1740



Rococo Berlin carriage, so-called “prince” or “ladies’” carriage

The "Princes' Dress Carriages" were fashionable Berlins with the coach body suspended by two longitudinal leather strips, called thoroughbraces, which were used in the 18th century by members of the imperial family and high-ranking guests at official occasions. They were also considered to be high-ranking gala carriages in the 19th and early 20th century and were used at great events such as the Milan coronation in 1838. The last such event was the Budapest coronation in 1916. They were drawn by six white horses from the Kladrub imperial stud farm. (MKR)

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around 1740


L. 600 cm, H. 270 cm, B. 198 cm

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