Madonna of the Rosary

around 1603, Artist: Michelangelo Merisi, gen. Caravaggio



Madonna of the Rosary

The Madonna asks St. Dominic to distribute rosaries among the people. St. Peter Martyr points out the origin of all grace, the infant Jesus. The founder invites the observer likewise to seek shelter with St. Dominic. Caravaggio probably painted the altar-piece in Rome.1620 the painting was donated to the Dominican Church in Antwerp by a group of artists (including Rubens and Jan Breughel).

Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Saal VI

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Caravaggio and Caravaggesque painting


around 1603


Michelangelo Merisi, gen. Caravaggio (1571 Mailand - 1610 Porto Ercole) - GND




364,5 cm × 249,5 cm
Framed: 410 cm × 294 cm × 17 cm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Gemäldegalerie

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Gemäldegalerie, 147


Question of patron and original use still open; 1607 testified by Frans Pourbus the Younger in Naples in possession of Louis Finson and Abraham Vinck; 1617 to Amsterdam; bought by a society of artists (among others P. P. Rubens, Jan Brueghel the Elder, H. v. Balen) for the Dominican Church in Antwerp; 1781 Joseph II visited the church and the painting was given to him; 1786 to Vienna

100 Meisterwerke - Rosenkranzmadonna - Michelangelo Caravaggio

IGS - Rosenkranzmadonna - Caravaggio

OESG - Rosenkranzmadonna - Caravaggio

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