Peasant Wedding around

1568, Artist: Pieter Bruegel d. Ä.



Peasant Wedding around

The apparent “snapshot” of this picture is in fact carefully composed. Dispensing with allegorical meaning the painting is a realistic record of a Flemish peasants’ wedding. The bride sits in front of a green tapestry, a paper crown hangs over her. The bridegroom was not present at the wedding feast in accordance with Flemish custom. A lawyer with a mortar–board, a Franciscan monk and the lord of the manor with his dog (to the far right) are all visible; the porridge dishes carried in on an unhinged door are utterly simple, and the posture and gait of the carriers are similarly striking.

Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Saal X

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Pieter Bruegel d. Ä. (um 1525/30 Breugel oder Antwerpen? - 1569 Brüssel) - GND


oak wood


unten beschnitten, dann wieder 5 cm angestückt: Overall: 113 cm × 164 cm × 3,2 cm
Framed: 133 cm × 183 cm × 7,5 cm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Gemäldegalerie

Inv. No.

Gemäldegalerie, 1027


1594 acquired by Archduke Ernst in Brussels; Coll. Leopold Wilhelm

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