Stele of An-em-her

reign of Ptolemy IV, 217 BC , Presumably from Saqqara 1821



Stele of An-em-her

The standard elements in the gable of this stele are depicted in Ptolemaic style. The inscription dates the stele which was made for the High Priest of Ptah An-em-her precisely in 217 BC. Following the hieroglyphic inscription there are 1 ½ half lines in Demotic – the youngest written form of Egyptian which was used beginning in the Late Period.

Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Raum VIII

Object data

Object Name





Ptolemaic Period


reign of Ptolemy IV, 217 BC




H 72 cm, B 43,5 cm, T 7 cm

Image rights

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Ägyptisch - Orientalische Sammlung

Inv. No.

Ägyptische Sammlung, INV 153


purchased by Ernst August Burghart in Egypt

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