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Doubting Thomas

around 1660/65, Artist: Mattia Preti



Doubting Thomas

The doubting disciple Thomas is called upon to convince himself of the physical resurrection of Christ (the flag of Easter is clearly visible) by touching the wound in the Lord’s side (John 20:24−29). Static elements found in a devotional picture – the figure of Christ turned head-on to face the devout – are linked with the dramatic tale of amazement and fear as experienced by the disciples.

Location: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Saal VI

Object data

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Italian, Neapolitan


around 1660/65


Mattia Preti (1613 Taverna/Kalabrien - 1699 La Valetta/Malta) - GND




187 x 145,5 cm
Framed: 210,5 cm × 170 cm × 10,5 cm

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Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Gemäldegalerie

Inv. No.

Gemäldegalerie, 259


1685 Prague; 1772 in the gallery in Vienna

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