The Triumph of Fame over Death

early 16th c., Triumphzüge nach Petrarca (6 Stücke),



The Triumph of Fame over Death

This tapestry is one of a six-part series with depictions after the allegorical poem I Trionfi (Triumphs) by Petrarch (1304–1374). In the end, it is eternity that triumphs over love, chastity, death, fame and time. Here, fame triumphs over death. The winged figure of Fame is accompanied by famous statesmen, poets and philosophers, among them Plato, Alexander, Homer, Cicero and Charlemagne.

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Series Title

Triumphzüge nach Petrarca (6 Stücke)

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early 16th c.


Wool, silk


424 cm × 587 cm


De terre vient la haulte renommee/Pour atropos et ses deux seurs renger/Car chastete elle a voulu venger/Par son pouvoir comme dame exstimee

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Kunstkammer, T CII 4

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