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Klimt in Focus

Get a close-up view of Gustav Klimt’s celebrated wall paintings – with the SWAROVSKI OPTICS telescope

In 1890, a year before the official opening of the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Gustav Klimt, his younger brother Ernst, and their friend Franz Matsch – known collectively as the „Maler-Companie“ – were commissioned to execute a cycle depicting personifications of different periods of art – Ancient Egypt as well as Greek and Roman Antiquity. This magnificent pictorial cycle decorates the spaces between the columns and left and right of the arches, circa twelve metres above the staircase, on the wall opposite from where you are now.

The SWAROVSKI OPTICS telescope enables you to zoom in on the celebrated wall paintings on the north wall of the Main Staircase, a kind of reprise of the temporary Klimt-bridge erected in 2012.


The modular ATX 25-60x85 spotting scope from SWAROVSKI OPTIK combines flexibility and optical perfection. With its outstanding detail resolution and up to 60x magnification, this spotting scope with an angled view is perfect for comfortable observation and offers the ultimate in optical performance. Even the minutest details can be seen with razor-sharp clarity using this spotting scope.

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