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KHM Stories

The App from the Kunsthistorisches Museum

Discover the diversity of our collections in the fascinating tours on various topics like love or magic. Explore the museum with your smartphone in your hand, or get to know famous works of art from a different perspective. Take a look behind the scenes, at x-ray images, backsides of works and unknown details.

Let yourself be surprised and entertained and get active! Slip into the role of a superhero or a queen, create a monster or send a bouquet of flowers to the one you love.

Thrilling stories throughout the museum

Our tours:

A Snowball's Chance? – Climate, Art and Catastrophes
Love Kills – Death does the Dumping
Magic! – Secret Powers through the Ages
Building Bodies – Body, Cult and Art
Bodies Unlimited – Even more Body, Cult and Art
Glamour and Grind – Luxury and Poverty in Art
Backstage Museum – The Work behind the Art

Especially for children:

How to Look for Monsters
– In Search of Dragons, Unicorns & Co
Superpower! – Heroes and Heroines from the Ancient World
Time Travel – Visitors from outer Space

The tours are available in German, English, Turkish and B/C/S (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)

Download the app now for free:

»KHM Stories« is available for smartphones running on iOS and Android operating systems.
NEW: Dowloading the app, including all tours, is free.

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