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A close-up view of Bruegel

Right now, our Conservation Workshop is engaged in complex technological analyses of all our Bruegels. The aim of this international research project is to complete a comprehensive condition report of the fragile panels.

3D-HD photograph, Hirox camera, detail of Children's Games (1560)

Not surprisingly, in some cases there is an urgent need for action. So far, only a few of the paintings have been put under glass and moved to climate-control boxes, some of which are not state-of-the-art. Ideally, all works should be protected by shatterproof glass and frame-integrated climate-control boxes. The surfaces of the still-unprotected panels Peasant Wedding (1568), Peasant Dance (1568) and Christ Carrying the Cross (1564) show contaminants and staining. These paintings need to be cleaned and the damaged varnish treated. The unique masterpieces should also be reframed according to modern conservation standards, i.e. they require tension-free mounting in their decorative frames.

HD photograph, Peasant Dance (c. 1568)

First, every painting will be carefully photographed using a specially developed positioning system. We plan to upload these HD-images, together with all relevant research, on a special website so that everyone can access and study in minute detail the fascinating pictorial world of Pieter Bruegel the Elder!

Please support this seminal project. Your help is an important contribution to the preservation of these unique masterpieces by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

Thank you very much!

Sabine Haag, Director General

It's worth it...

Your name will be displayed on our electronic roll of honour for this restoration project and on the Bruegel website.

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