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Accessing Bruegel

Following the extremely successful event for visitors with and without disabilities “Gemeinsam anders sehen” (viewing things together differently) we are currently working on a new project related to barrier-free museum education programmes. In connection with our upcoming exhibition on Pieter Bruegel the Elder, scheduled for 2018, we plan to produce a tactile version of his celebrated Fight between Carnival and Lent to invite visitors - especially blind and partially sighted ones - to “grasp” the painting.

The installation will feature tactile versions of seminal groups of figures in Bruegel’s composition, one of which will be reproduced in relief. In addition, we plan to use a 3-D printer to create models of some of the every-day objects scattered throughout the painting.

Design for the tactile installation and the 3-D models, Tactile Studio, 2017

Your donation will help provide barrier-free access to this masterpiece by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and support the comprehensive education programme related to our seminal Bruegel exhibition in 2018/19.

Please support this important project!
Thank you for your help and your commitment to art.

Sabine Haag, Direktor General

Rotraud Krall, Education dept.


Donations to the Kunsthistorisches Museum are tax-deductible.

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Accessing Bruegel

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