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Weltmuseum Wien

Weltmuseum Wien

The Museum of Ethnology is one of the most important of its kind in the world. It developed out of the Anthropological-Ethnographical Department of the Natural History Museum, and has been housed in this part of the Hofburg Palace since 1928. Its oldest exhibits were already acquired in the 16th century, and found their way via Ambras Castle in the Tyrol to the Imperial Collection in Vienna.

The Museum of Ethnology Vienna (MVK), situated in the Corps de Logis-part of the Neue Burg, was opened to the public on 25 May 1928. With the opening of the new museum the ethnographic collection was separated from the Museum of Natural History, which was established in 1889.

Hall of Columns


The sumptuous Hall of Columns provides an unforgettable setting for gala dinners, cocktails, receptions, readings, or concerts. But this room featuring impressive frescoes and a glass ceiling is equally suited as a venue for the presentation of books, companies, or their products.

A grand staircase leads up to the Gallery on the first floor which can also be used for receptions.

Cocktail: 50-400 persons
Dinner: 50-200 persons

WMW Forum


Established in the course of the reopening in 2017, the new WMW Forum may be used for lectures, workshops, seminars, or product presentations.

The entrance area in front of the WMW Forum is ideally suited to host relaxed standing receptions or coffee breaks. Take advantage of the hall’s excellent acoustics and organise exclusive concerts. Events may also be take place during opening hours.

Lectures: 120 persons | concert hall seating



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