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The golden ski- and snowboard helmets have arrived!

24. November 2011

Kunsthistorisches Museum
Kunstkammer-Eröffnung 2013

In time for the skiing season we have just received the first Kunstkammer ski- and snowboarding helmets. The golden headgear that caused such a stir as bicycle helmets is now also available in a skiing version.

Thanks to a logistical tour-de-force by Kuehne + Nagel Austria we received the valuable merchandise at noon today. By purchasing one of these helmets you become a “Kunstkammer patron” and actively support the reopening of the Kunstkammer 2012.

An ideal Christmas present, especially for little princes and princesses, these cult-status helmets are now available in the KHM shop and our online shop for 69,- Euros (for the skiing version) and 49,- Euros for the bicycle helmet. Have a safe and shining ride through the winter wonderland.

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